Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Transform A Spare Bedroom Into A Closet

After many many requests for this post....I am finally revealing my dressing room that I recently converted from a spare bedroom! This project has been several months in the making and I am so excited that I was finally able to finish the room to share it with all of my readers. I hope you enjoy!

To begin with, we painted!! It is amazing how a simple coat of paint can totally transform a room. I wanted to stick with a simple color scheme {blacks, whites and grays} for the paint color and foundational furniture pieces because I knew that my clothing and accessory items would infuse tremendous pops of color into the room. I also chose a chevron pattern to add a fun and playful element to the room.

I then selected my larger furniture pieces such as the shoe cubbies, garment racks, and vanity. 

I wanted everything in the room to be free-standing in case we decide to re-convert the room back into a bedroom one day. Stores such as Target, Home Depot, and Lowe's can provide great free-standing storage and organizational options at relatively inexpensive prices. I tried to keep everything in budget!

 Craigslist was also a definite go-to source for me and I found this adorable vanity in the Garden District in New Orleans for $50 which I painted and refurbished with chevron fabric for less than $100!

Accessorize away! The options for what you can display on your vanity are endless! 

My main goal with the dressing room was to be able to display things so I could easily see them!
It is easy to forget what you have if you can't see it! Out of sight out of mind!

The entire room was done on a MAJOR budget! The only items that I bought full price were the IKEA display shelves which we had to order on-line and have delivered to our house since the closest IKEA store is about 6 hours away! Remember that you don't have to spend a fortune to transform a room! A little paint and a lot of imagination can take you a long way! Utilize discount stores such as TJMAXX and ROSS for incredible home good finds!

Source List:
Vanity Table + Stool - Craigslist Find and Refurbish
Stool Chevron Fabric- Michael's
Shoe Storage Unit- Target
Clothing Racks- Lowe's
Mirror- Marshall's
Chevron Rug-
Handbag Display Cases- Ikea
Chandelier Lamp-Target
Floor Mannequin- TJMAXX
Necklace Mannequins- Michael's
Chair, Bench, Pillows- TJMAXX/ROSS
Animal Accessories: TJMAXX/ROSS
Chandelier Paintings- ROSS


  1. This is SO gorgeous! I am totally jealous of this huge "closet"...I wish I had an extra room to do this with!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Ow wow that's a dream closet. So gorgeous. You have so many beautiful things inside. Happy woman.
    xo, Petra

  3. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!! yay, so dreamy!

  4. Oh my goodness! I have always wanted to do this!!! So so so pretty! Love it!
    I pinned it so I can get ideas once I have a spare bedroom! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  5. This is seriously amazing! I am so jealous you got to convert a bedroom into your personal closet...I don't think my hubbie would go for that even though I really need the space! It is beautiful lady!!!

  6. Oh my. This looks like a little boutique can I come shop? ;). Love it! I'm going to pin this to my dream board.
    k at

  7. oh my goodness, this is amazing! can i move in?

  8. What a beautiful dressing rom! Such a luxury, enjoy it!

  9. OMG!! I envy your closet soooo much!! I wish I could have one in my tiny appartment!!

  10. Oh. My. Goodness!!! So beautiful. I love how you kept the color palette neutral to really let the clothes/accessories do the talking! Amazing job. Wish I had a spare bedroom in my condo!

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

  11. LOVE your dressing room! I've thought about doing that to one of our spare bedrooms as well. Our walk-in closet is big but I kinda wanted something like this. Just like you said, out of sight out of mind. Sometimes I forget what I have and feel like I'm wearing the same stuff over and over. lol! I also love the clear glass display case for your purses. I've been wanting to look for something similar for mine but in the meantime they're all put away. :(

    Great post!!

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

  12. I'm so obsessed this is gorgeous!

    Kristin xx

  13. Wow this looks great! I too have a spare bedroom that used to be my little girl's nursery and we've been talking about transforming it into my walk in closet/dressing room. I like how you have the garment racks instead of installing a huge closet system which makes it easy to transform back into a bedroom if we were to sell! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  14. I have total closet envy now!! So much goodness in here!! I have a similar setup but with a bed for guests still...I'm thinking maybe a futon in my future! Pinning this for inspiration!

    PolkaDots & Lace

  15. this must make getting dressed in the morning so much more fun! you did a great job- it looks amazing! i like how the clothes and accessories serve as decoration too! x

    dipped in yellow

  16. I am so jealous, lol no seriously this is my dream closet.


  17. Wow!! this looks incredible. I love how all your fabulous wardrobe pieces are so visible. I am very impressed, my friend:) Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Gina

  18. JEALOUS!!!! wow, what an amazing job you did, especially on budget. I'm so impressed that you are giving me major ideas! Love this and totally worth every penny!

    xo Mel

  19. OH. MY. HELL. I am SO jealous right now!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous!! Wow, great job girl! I so want a room-sized closet someday! Love how you displayed everything! I definitely need some way to display my stuff better cuz I have no idea what I have in my tiny mess of a closet hahaha

  20. Your dressing room is so gorgeous. I am so jealous. I wish I had a spare bedroom to convert. You do a fabulous job. I'm obsessed!


  21. Ok Meghan this is incredible!! I have a similar room with my shoes in cubbies and my jewelry is on display. I also have a makup vanity. Sadly there just isn't enough room for a clothing rack. But I hope one day I can create something like this. It's gorgeous.

  22. Oh dear I want a closet like yours! It's a dream!!!

    wildflower girl
    Facebook page

  23. Ummmm this room is a dream!! Amazing job with your dressing room - it's absolutely fabulous!


  24. Love how you transformed the room! I wish I had an extra room to do this with.

    The Purse Snatcher

  25. Genial post!!

  26. Oh my gosh Meghan, this is FABULOUS!! LOVE what you have done with this space, every girls dream right here lol!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  27. Wow that looks amazing, I'm quite jealous!

  28. I keep trying to move towards something like this in my walk in closet, but my husband's things keep getting in the way... ;) Wish I had an extra bedroom. This looks simple and fantastic all at the same time!

  29. Stunning!! We have an extra bedroom but I don't think I can convince my hubby to do this. I think it may fuel more shopping.


  30. UGH I want to do this so badly!!! Your collection looks amazing displayed like this!!!

  31. Love, love, love! I have a similar room to this but I call it my Princess Room :) I don't know how I survived before without it because you're right, when you don't see your stuff out on display, they're easily forgotten! I wish I had enough room for clothing racks because my stuff is currently waaay too cramped, and I adore those purse display boxes! Such a pretty room!

    Because I'm Obsessed

  32. Such a great idea, thanks for sharing.
    x Hannah

  33. Oh I wish I had space to do this!! Love!!!

  34. I love how you kept the space so open and airy - so you can see everything you have! I currently keep my bags in their bags but I really like the display idea better. Fun post!


  35. Omg! I luv it :)

  36. Oh My Gosh. This is AMAZING. That's all I have to say!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  37. what a great use of space. i use to have a bedroom like this until i moved to a city with no space. love how you organized it.


  38. Love this. I so was hoping to turn unused space attached to our Master into my closet/office... but alas I have to get it restructured by an architect! Hmm.... maybe in a few years (: You did a great job!


  39. Love the "new closet". Fabulous..I was telling my hubby that his play room is done..I am taking over LOL
    Bjs, Ana

  40. This looks amazing! I am 100% doing this to my other guest room! :)


  41. WOW! Impressive and so fun to see!

  42. This is great! You did an awesome job! I love seeing rooms converted into closets - your room is very simply stated, organized, and fantastic!

  43. Nice Idea ! I would really love to try this. We have a big store room which has no use , This transformation can make that spare room useful. I don't have walk-in closet in my house so i will try for it.

  44. Wow! I love this! Right now I live in a 1BR apt, but this is my dream, if I ever have more space. And I like that you used fixtures etc. that are portable. So if need be, you can transform back to a bedroom quite easily. I need to bookmark this for future reference if I ever have the space to do this myself!


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